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Tamara Druzhinina – NanoLove

Dieses Bild wurde eingereicht von Tamara Druzhinina, die folgende Erläuterung dazu gibt: „The picture is dedicated to 14th February and could be called as “NanoLove”. This image is fitting to the theme “Ruhe”, while love is something that usually everyone seeks. As soon as one finds love he became very relaxed, happy and complete, so in “Ruhe”. The image was taken with Scanning Electron Microscope (XL30 ESEM-FEG, Philips) on 11 July 2008. What you can see on the image is the formation of the carbon nanofibers on Si wafer (not seen). These fibers are all bundled and of different shapes and forms and in the middle of the picture (highlighted with magenta color) you could see the formation of the heart-like structure.“