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Sarah Maria Falke – Nanodore Dali Time Warp

Ebenfalls zum Thema „Bewegung“ reicht Sarah Maria Falke ihr zweites Bild „Nanodore Dali Time Warp“ ein: „Motion of time is the theme here. A rigid metal film has become inexplicably soft, dynamic and curled forming a “Time warp” in this nanoscale dreamscape. The delicate folds create an impression of ever changing time. Each fold is in motion and is unique like every moment of time. Focused ion beam image of a thermally evaporated 50 nm gold film on a substrate. The intricate folding on the scale of ~200 nm originates from the stresses developed due to thermal fluctuations while depositing the film. The image is taken by a FEI dual beam scanning microscope “Quanta 3D” at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany.“