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Aruna Ivaturi – Nano-Gras Feld

Aruna Ivaturi ordnet diese Aufnahme in die Kategorie „Nacht“ ein: This is a cross-sectional scanning electron microcopy image depicting ‘nano-grass field’ of zinc oxide nanorods (60 nm average diameter and 1?m average length) grown via hydrothermal route using Zn seed layers. In contrast to the picture which shows the ‘nano-grass field’ in bright moonlight, the highly oriented crystalline zinc oxide nanorods are grown via this low temperature method to be used in sunlight as semiconductor electrode material for dye-sensitized and polymer hybrid solar cells that are emerging as future generation cost-effective solar cells. The ‘tree’ in the ‘grass field’ is formed of the nanorod bunches scratched from the substrate surface for transmission electron microscopy measurements.